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Jurmain Law takes the pressure off applications

Visitor visas are required for many individuals travelling to Canada for a temporary period of time. The standard length of such a visa is six months. You can find out whether you need a visitor visa on this Government of Canada website. At Jurmain Law Office, we take the pressure off these applications by applying on your behalf, and can extend your visitor visa past six months if needed.

Work Permits: Supporting employer and worker

If you wish to work in Canada, in almost all circumstances you will require a work permit. This begins in nearly every case with an offer of employment from a Canadian company. That employer may need to seek permission to hire a foreign worker by completing a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), for which there are extensive and inflexible criteria.

We will sort through all the fine print for both foreign workers and sponsoring companies. For example, we understand that some jobs are exempt from job validations and others are exempt from the need to obtain a permit. We will help you and your employer determine the quickest, most effective means possible for you to gain entry to Canada.