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Simplify a complex process

Immigration is a major, ongoing focus for Canada’s federal government, and legislation can change frequently and with little notice. Navigating these changes requires constant engagement in immigration law, and a deep experience in how the climate can shift in Canada.

At Jurmain Law Office, we simplify what can often be a complicated process. We scrutinize all matters of an application, work with you to explain the details, and identify any potential issues early.

For over 30 years of Immigration representation, this office has helped thousands of clients avoid problems that can result in an application being refused or significantly delayed. It comes down to having an intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of the process and being able to support clients in the most effective, budget-friendly manner possible.

While immigration is a life-changing experience, the process can be expensive and time-consuming. At Jurmain Law Office, we don’t oversell and always explain the pros and cons of various applications before a retainer. While we will file difficult applications, it is our philosophy that clients must know before we begin what weaknesses exist and what problems may occur.

We will take this lens to your immigration application, predict possible complications, and discuss the likelihood of success first – saving you both time and money. We will never push a client to proceed if we believe an application is not strong enough to be successful.

If you have questions about whether you’ll likely qualify to live and/or work in Canada, please feel free to contact us for an expert consultation.

Choose a lawyer that specializes in immigration

If you’re reading this, chances are you already understand the value of choosing an immigration lawyer for temporary or permanent applications to Canada. While Google may turn up many immigration service providers, including paralegals and consultants, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada recognizes only those lawyers that are registered with a provincial law society or consultants registered with the ICCRC.

It is in your best interest to choose a certified attorney, one subject to licensing and strict requirements of duty, fairness and accountability. Canadian lawyers, for example, must maintain trust accounts for client funds and are forbidden from earning interest. Lawyers are accountable for their trust accounts and are insured against negligent loss.

Jurmain Law Office files immigration applications in the areas of: