Toronto possesses many economic opportunities for Canadian immigrants

Helping skilled immigrants gain permanent residence

Express Entry

In 2015, Canada introduced the Express Entry system, an entirely online process for immigration applications. Those who qualify for permanent residence in several classes (including skilled worker, Canada experience, skilled trade, among others) must use the Express Entry online portal.  

This system ranks applicants based on a range of criteria such as age, education, language ability, work experience, to a maximum score of 1,200 points. Bonus points are available but tend to shift every so often. Before an Express Entry profile is created, there are tests and evaluations to complete.

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Skilled Worker

Skilled workers are assessed on a point system – those who score at least 67 points receive entry into the Express Entry pool. These applications must meet minimum requirements for language ability, relevant work experience (one year) and settlement funds.

Here is a quick look at Canada’s selection criteria with maximum points for each:

  • Education: 25 points

  • Language in English or French: 28 points

  • Work experience: 15 points

  • Age: 12 points

  • Approved job offer: 10 points

  • Adaptability: 10 points (includes various considerations)

Canada Experience Class

This category permits someone who has worked at least one year in Canada within the previous three years, in a qualifying occupation to apply for permanent residence via the Express Entry pool. Considerations include the type of job and a minimum score on a language test.

Provincial Nomination Program

All provinces have entered into agreements with the federal ministry to help facilitate and control immigration across their borders. Most provinces have multiple nomination programs that cover foreign workers, students and investors. Some offer bonus points toward the Express Entry system.