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Interpret the rules, advise on the best path forward

Some prospective immigrants are entitled to apply for status in Canada because they are related to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. These include:

  • Spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner

  • Dependent child

  • Mother or father

  • Grandmother or grandfather

  • Adopted child or child to be adopted

  • Grandchild, niece, nephew or orphaned sibling

  • Last remaining relative

At Jurmain Law Office, we will help you interpret how Immigration Canada enforces its rules for family immigrants – including any recent changes in requirements or prohibitions – and advise on the best path forward. An immigrant who is sponsored under the family class is not assessed on any point system, but must pass criminal and medical checks (with some exceptions).  

To sponsor a family member for permanent residence, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident must be at least 18 years old, reside or intend to live in Canada, vow to care for that immigrant’s essential needs, and may need to meet a strict income threshold. Certain factors rule out potential sponsors, including bankruptcy and defaulting on previous sponsorships.