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Express Entry

In January 2015, Canada Immigration introduced the Express Entry system. In brief, Express Entry is not an application per se, but a complicated sorting system. It is done entirely online; there are no paper applications. All applicants who qualify for permanent residence under the Skilled Worker class or the Canada Experience Class must apply through the Express Entry online portal. No individual applications under either of those classes are possible. The Express Entry portal ranks all applicants against one another based on criteria such as age, education, language ability, work experience and whether a person has studied or worked in Canada. There are 1200 points available, 600 of which are based on personal qualifications. The second 600 points is awarded as a single 600 point bonus to persons with Arranged Employment or Provincial nomination.

Periodically (usually 1-3 times a month), the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship will issue Invitations to Apply to persons in the Express Entry pool, based on a point cutoff determined by the Ministry. Remember: every person in the Express Entry pool already qualifies for permanent residence, however not every person will be invited to apply. Jurmain Law Office can assist in maximizing your Express Entry potential, and create your Express Entry profile. If you are invited to apply Jurmain Law Office can complete the online application.

Skilled Worker/Independent

Skilled workers are assessed on a point system, and must reach 67 points. Those with 67 points or more are allowed entry in to the Express Entry pool. There are minimum requirements in this category for language ability, work experience and settlement funds. An applicant must have one year of qualifying work experience, and must have a minimum language score of Canada Language Benchmark 7 in each measured category. Language ability is determined based on a specific language test. Qualifying work experience is determined in accordance with a government publication called the "National Occupational Classification," or "NOC". This index lists most occupations in Canada as well as the training, education and licensing requirements for each of them, and categorizes all jobs under one of the following levels: 0, A, B, C and D. Only work competed under NOC ), A or B qualifies.

Skilled Worker applicants are assessed on the following selection criteria:

  • Education: up to 25 points
  • Language in English or French: up to 28 points
  • Work Experience: up to 15 points
  • Age: up to 12 points
  • Arranged Employment (an approved job offer): 10 points
  • Adaptability: up to 10 points, and includes Spouse’s Education and language ability, previous work or study in Canada, and family in Canada

Canada Experience Class

The Canada Experience Class allows a person who has worked for at least one year in Canada in a qualifying occupation to apply for entry into the Express Entry pool. The work must have occurred within the past 3 years, it must be at a rate of at least 30 hours per week, the job must be a NOC 0, A or B level job, and the applicant must also pass a language test, with the needed score determined by the NOC level of their job.

Provincial Nomination Program

All the provinces in Canada have entered into agreements with the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship to control some of their own immigration. Most provinces have multiple nomination programs that cover foreign workers, students, or investors. Some PNP programs will offer 600 bonus points under the Express Entry system and some will not.

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