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Canadian Immigration

The primary theme of Canada immigration for the past several years has been change. Almost every category of immigration has undergone significant change in legislation, regulation or processing. Some of these changes were made without much prior notice, others after months of consultation and preparation. Some changes were profound, such as the closing of the parent sponsorship category for two years, or the temporary closing of the Skilled Worker stream in July 2012, which re-opened in May 2013. Navigating these changes requires constant engagement in the area of immigration law, and a person interested in immigration to Canada should make sure to find a representative who knows the state of the law today and what it might be tomorrow.

Processing changes have meant some immigration streams were expanded and made easier for applicants; others have been made more difficult. One thing that will not change is that there are many ways to come to Canada, either permanently or temporarily. Jurmain Law Office will simplify the often complicated process of immigration and attend to all matters of an application, explaining any confusing details and attempting to deal with any potential trouble spots before they develop into problems. Problems can mean refused applications or significant delays. We are knowledgeable about the immigration process and know exactly what needs to be done and the quickest, least expensive way to do it. We can help you effectively present your application to take advantage of these areas.

It is also important to know before you get started whether you are likely to be accepted. At Jurmain Law Office, we know immigration can be a costly and time consuming process, and we will try to predict possible problems before you make the decision on whether to file or not. If you have questions about whether you qualify, please feel free to contact us.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada offers an immigration assessment service.

Why a Lawyer

There are many immigration service providers on the Internet, including paralegals and immigration consultants. Citizenship and Immigration Canada only formally recognizes lawyers who are registered with a Provincial Law Society or consultants who are registered with ICCRC. However, it is our belief that it is in your best interest to choose a certified attorney to assist you in your application. Lawyers in Canada are subject to licensing and strict requirements of duty, fairness and accountability. For example, Canadian lawyers are required to maintain trust accounts for clients’ monies, and lawyers are forbidden from earning interest from these accounts. Lawyers are accountable for their trust accounts.

Lawyers in Canada are also insured against negligent loss.

Lastly, and importantly, no immigration service provider, whether lawyer or non-lawyer, can guarantee success in immigrating to Canada.

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