Jurmain Law Office’s Wills & Estates Services in the Niagara Region

Jurmain Law Office has more than 40 years of experience in drafting wills and powers of attorneys and administering estates.


A professionally prepared will is your insurance that your wishes will be carried out after your death. Failure to prepare a will or a poorly drafted will may result in your intentions being partially or entirely negated.

Failure to prepare your own will results in the government, through intestacy laws, determining to whom your assets will be distributed, which may not be according to your wishes.

There is too much at stake not to have a lawyer draft your will. No doubt you have worked hard to acquire your assets; ensure they are distributed according to your intentions.

Jurmain Law Office will provide personal consultation to suit your schedule. After a thorough review with you of your personal circumstances, we will prepare a draft will for you to examine and approve. Only when you are completely satisfied and thoroughly understand the document will it be signed. You may decide to keep the original will with us (at no charge) or you may wish to keep it yourself in a safe location.

Powers of Attorney

A General Power of Attorney is a powerful tool to enable your business and personal affairs to be conducted with no interruption if you are incapacitated, either mentally or physically. It also can be used in the event that you are out of the country for a period of time.

Powers of Attorney can be customized to suit your particular requirements. They can be effective immediately on signing or upon a future event. We will review with you all aspects of your Power of Attorney and ensure you have a thorough understanding and appreciation of this important legal document.

The Province of Ontario has since the early 1990s permitted the preparation of Attorneys for Personal Care, sometimes referred to as a living will. This is a document which expresses, among other things, your wishes in the event of your incapacitation. It is a statement of your intentions to your loved ones as to your wishes in these trying circumstances. It will help them in making difficult decisions in consultation with your doctor.


Jurmain Law Office assists estate trustees in the administration of estates in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We will sit down with you and thoroughly review the estate and advise you as to the steps in estate administration. We will explain the probate process and determine whether it is required or not.

The loss of a family member is a difficult time for you, and our goal is to make the legal aspects of this time as free from stress as possible.

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